Win a Ticket to Front End Conference

We have one free ticket for a lucky winner to for a lucky winner.

To enter the drawing Tweet “I wanna go to in Florida. Follow @estellevw and retweet to win. or something more imaginative, with a link to this post. One lucky retweeter / follower will be selected from the group of retweeters on Sunday night.

Here is more on the conference:
7 Awesome Speakers
July 23, 2010
A single day design conference focused on content, presentation and behavior.
Register Now for $129

Oh, and if you want to beg, you can do so in the comments.

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Estelle Weyl

My name is Estelle Weyl. I an open web evangelist and community engineer. I'm a consulting web developer, writing technical books with O'Reilly, running frontend workshops, and speaking about web development, performance, and other fun stuff all over the world. If you have any recommendations on topics for me to hit, please let me know via @estellevw.

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