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My Twitter account, WebDevTips, has been reactivated. Follow @webDevTips to get (almost) daily Web Development tips in your timeline.

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Estelle Weyl

My name is Estelle Weyl. I an open web evangelist and community engineer. I'm a consulting web developer, writing technical books with O'Reilly, running frontend workshops, and speaking about web development, performance, and other fun stuff all over the world. If you have any recommendations on topics for me to hit, please let me know via @estellevw.

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  1. Hi!
    I tried to send a response to you on twitter, but it would not go through. Thank you so much for the kind offer for the conference! Now I feel bad, but I had a client call me this morning and book me for that day so I can’t come. I will be watching twitter though and make sure to get the highlights. I think all of the conferences you are doing are great and I love the idea of the girl geeks! Thanks again for the offer and have a great conference!

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