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Stop SOPA – Snippet to turn your site off on January 18, 2012

Posted By on January 13, 2012

Black out your own blogs on january in opposition to SOPA. You can do so by adding this script to your site:
Download the code from GitHub
Note: To see it in action before January 18, set your computer clock to the 18th.

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3 Responses to “Stop SOPA – Snippet to turn your site off on January 18, 2012”

  1. Bernhard Hofmann says:

    Interesting idea. I wonder whether it’d be more useful to create a pop-up that explains why all the content on your site is {color:black;background-color:black;} and link to a petition to stop SOPA. With a button to confirm I’ve signed the petition, the black-on-black reverts to your normal style?

    Just thinking that if everyone pulls their content on the 18th I’m going to have a really crap day. :)

  2. Screwlewse says:

    You having a crap day is the point. The goal is to show what it would be like WITHOUT the free communication we enjoy today. The SOPA legislation would make you have tons of crap days, as it would give the US government the ability to turn on / off websites/pages at their will. The terms are very broad, as to what makes an infringing website… etc.

  3. Theo says:

    I missed this one, however great idea!