CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 explained

16 Common JavaScript Gotchas

We all know that JavaScript can trip you up. Here are a 15 common traps that can trip you up when coding javascript. You likely know most of the code on the page, but if you keep these 15 gotchas in your mind, coding and debugging will be less of a headache...

jQuery Tutorial: DOM Manipulation and sorting

In this introduction to jQuery: DOM Manipulation and sorting, we cover innerHTML and textNodes, Child, Sibling and Parent nodes and appending the DOM, removing, replacing and cloning DOM elements and text nodes, and some jQuery effects.

JavaScript Objects

This article goes over objects at a very basic level. Most books cover objects in a confusing manner. Included are really simple examples which, if you have been confused, will hopefully make things make sense.

JavaScript Object Literals Simplified

This articles goes over objects literals at a very basic level. Most books cover object literals in a confusing manner. Included is a simple explanation of object literals and dot notation will hopefully demystify and make things make sense.