Culling captions from YouTube

A few months back I posted a script to get captions from a Youtube video. That script worked best if the captions were added by a user; basically, if there was a captioner.

If you want to grab Youtube auto-generated captions, here is a better script:

var captionCollector = {
    captions : '',

    collect : function(){
      try {
        var currentCaption = document.getElementsByClassName("captions-text")[0].innerText.replace(/\n/,'');
      } catch (e) {


    if(currentCaption) {
      if(captionCollector.captions.lastIndexOf(currentCaption) == -1) {
        captionCollector.captions += currentCaption;

      setTimeout(captionCollector.collect, 500);


Then calle captionCollector.captions to print the captions to the console.

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