CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 explained

Historical Reference: the <hgroup> element

| May 13, 2013

The <hgroup> element has been made obsolete, but it was part of the draft specification for over 5 years. In case you're wondering about it, here's an overview I've posted for posterity.

Yes, you can start using HTML5 today

| November 6, 2010

People, including someone from the W3C, have stated that HTML5 is not ready for production. I've been asked several times "do you have any HTML5 websites." This article provides for a list of some HTMl5 websites I have done and others have produced, and some resources to look into to help get you started.

Introduction to GeoLocation

| August 15, 2010

Geolocation allows users to share their physical location with your application if they choose to. Especially useful in social networking, geo tagging, and mapping, but applicable to any type of application, geolocation enables developers to enhance the user experience, making content, social graphs and advertisements more relevant to the location of the user. Learn the basic JavaScript to determine your user's location.

HTML5: Introduction to <canvas>

| August 12, 2010

The HTML5 Canvas specification is a JavaScript API for coding drawings. The canvas API allows the definition of a canvas context object as the <canvas> element on your HTML page inside which we can draw. In this tutorial we introduce you to the canvas element and the basic canvas javascript properties and methods.