CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 explained

Introducing border-radius

| May 21, 2011

Designers have been including rounded corners in their designs for years. In the early 2000s, when webmasters were creating table based layout, they would include tiny little table cells to add in little corners. With the end of table based … More …

Graded Browser Support

| October 22, 2008

Do you really need to test all browsers? Is it even possible? Are you still testing Netscape 4.7 or IE 5? Which browsers are you supposed to test? Which can you ignore? Which browsers need to render your page pixel … More …

CSS Reset

| July 4, 2008

Resetting browser default CSS

Whenever I start a new site and begin a new CSS file or CSS file set for the site, my first step is to include CSS to reset the browser CSS defaults.

Different browsers have slightly … More …