My name is Estelle Weyl. I am a freelance web developer, speak and teach about web development on occasion, and am an internationally published author. I’ve been coding CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and PHP since 1999, tableless CSS since 2003. If you have any recommendations on topics for me to hit, please let me know via comments. At some point I will tell you a little about myself. But, in the meantime, I will spend time sharing knowledge I gain as I continue to develop websites.

Estelle Weyl’s Books

HTML5 & CSS3 in The Real World

(Sitepoint, May 2011)

Mobile HTML5

(O’Reilly, Nov. 2012)

MObile HTML5

HTML5: The Definitive Guide

(O’Reilly, Dec. 2012)

HTML5: The Definitive Guide

Chapter in Perf Daybook

(O’Reilly, June 2012)

Web Performance Daybook

Want to hear me speak? You can:

Speaking Engagements

2014 Presentations:

  • YOW! Sydney, Australia, December
  • YOW! Brisbane, Australia, December
  • YOW! Melbourne, Australia, December
  • FluentConf.eu, Barcelona, Spain, November
  • dotCSS, Paris, France, November
  • AllThingsOpen, Raleigh, NC, October
  • CSSDevConf, NOLA, LA, October
  • From The Front, Bologna, Italy, September
  • Girl Develop It, San Francisco, CA, September
  • Girl Develop It, SFO, August
  • ModernWebConf, August
  • CSSSummit, July
  • Foo Camp, June
  • Girl Develop It, June
  • AccessU, Austin, TX, May
  • Bemoresponsive, Baltimore, MD, May
  • Fluent Conference, San Francisco, CA, March
  • Intro to CSS, Progressive Business Executive Education, Online, February
  • CSS-Workshop, Orlando, FL, February
  • InCtrl, AIGA, Orlando, FL, February

2013 Presentations:

2012 Presentations:

2011 Presentations:

2010 talks included:

Talks from 2009 are outdated, and not included

iPhone Web Applications:

  • iAds (American Express (iPhone) and Target(iPhone and iPad)
  • First Runner Up, Best Application, iPhoneDev Camp 2007Pickleview
  • Best Game, iPhoneDevCamp 2008 TattleTalz
  • Best Web Application, iPadDevCamp 2010 iUIPad – JS & CSS framework for iPad


Books and Writings

You can find me writing here about CSS3, HTML5 and the DOM. I write at Evotech.Net/blog about CSS2.1, XHTML, and Javascript. I write more intro level stuff and provide tech support for members at CommunityMX.com. Not yet finished is my first book, Mobile Web Apps: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for WebKit.

Girl Geeks Unite

Part of the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate to all the school girls interested in technology: This is a great profession for women. And, to all the young women majoring in computer science, and all the other women who are changing their careers to be a technologist: you can do it!

A comment about comments

All relevant comments will be approved whether they slam my work or support it, as long as the poster legitimately identifies themselves. Differing opinions are o.k. The reason there is an approval process is because I have better things to do than weed out spam, and web developers have better things to do then weed thru useless comments.