Win a FREE TICKET: 2nd Annual CSS Summit: July 28th

Win a free ticket to the online CSSSummit. Follow @estellevw on Twitter, and Tweet, facebook or blog that you want to go. Something like ““I wanna go to attend the online Follow @estellevw and retweet to win:” will work fine.

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I am very excited to be presenting at the 2nd Annual CSS Summit with some of the best speakers working with CSS today and a list of topics on the cutting edge:

  • Zoe Gillenwater, author of Stunning CSS, presents “CSS3 Techniques”
  • David McFarland, author of CSS: The Missing Manual, presents “CSS3 Animations”
  • Stephanie Sullivan, author of Mastering Dreamweaver and CSS, presents “CSS3 and Progressive Enhancement”
  • Jason Cranford-Teague, author of Fluid Web Typography, presents “CSS and Web Typography”
  • Denise Jacobs, author of The CSS Detective Guide, presents “Advanced CSS Troubleshooting”
  • Estelle Weyl, that’s me!, author of Beginning iPhone Web Apps, presents “CSS3 and iPhone Development”
  • Chris Eppstein, creator of CSS Compass framework, presents “CSS with SASS, SCSS & Compass”
  • Nicole Sullivan, curator of the Object Oriented CSS framework, presents “CSS and Optimizing Facebook”

Tell them Estelle sent you. Use discount code “CSSWEYL” for 10% off the 2nd Annual CSS Summit!

Join us for what is sure to be a great day of knowledge and insight with some of the Web’s leading experts in CSS.

There will be free recordings of the CSS Summit for all attendees. The online event is content-rich and allows for plenty of time for interaction with the speakers, but sometimes life gets in the way. They’ve upgraded their online conferencing software—now you can view (and review) recordings of the 2nd Annual CSS Summit at your own convenience in case work, vacation or nature calls, or in case we cover something that is new to you and you need to re-watch to fully grasp.

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